Small things fascinate.

The pebbles in Kyoto’s rock garden. Drops of rain falling into a puddle. Starlings in a murmuration. How is the individual simultaneously unique and anonymously part of a compelling whole?

PARTICULAR is a new evening-length multi media dance exploring the relationship between the individual and the flock. We see this creative tension in the asymmetry and unity of things such as aggregate, the individual stone and the whole concrete slab. Interestingly, this relationship between individuation and totality seems broadly resonant, for example in both post-modern dance and computer graphics. The central idea of particle will further inform this work: musically, visually, and even in the costume design.

In PARTICULAR we explore the specifics of different bodies. Each dancer has a virtuosity – ballet, hip-hop, jazz, modern – but all can blend seamlessly in to the whole. Mining this rich spectrum of movement gives us the ability to explore the idea that we can see because of contrast. According to Gestalt we have a natural affinity towards flocking behavior. This is the basis for our choreographic and media exploration. The tension between the flock and the individual serves as a compelling, fertile field to play with new movement ideas, and expand our personal vocabulary.

Dancers : Ali Kenner Brodsky, Amanda DelPrete, Alexander Drapinski, Kim Johnson, Joseph Nicastro, Luke Perkins

Artistic Director Jamie Jewett
Composer R. Luke DuBois
Director of Photography Aaron Henderson
Rehearsal Director Ali Kenner Brodsky
Lighting Design Stephen Petrilli
Costumes with Marianne Fairbanks



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