Kindly Bent to Ease Us

This multimedia performance explored rituals of community, initiation, and change through the interplay of Judeo-Christian and Buddhist iconography and the combination of environmental video and sculptural installation. Performed at Hasket Hall, Columbus, OH.


Sculpted and choreographed by Jamie Jewett


Performed with Rachel Boggia, Kelly Gottesman, Kristin

Horrigan, Jamie Jewett, Vanessa Justice, Misha Kaschock, Mira Kim,

Violette Tucker, Sara Vasiliou


original music by Colin Odden

vocals by Rino Angelini and Jamie Jewett

dramaturgy by Briggs Cormier

video footage shot by Kim Root and Jamie Jewett

lighting design by Gregory Catellier

costumes designed by Tamara Welch and Jamie Jewett