After the Fall

AFTER THE FALL reimagines Daedelus, the grandfather of technology, as the forlorn protagonist of a multimedia dance theatre work set in an industrial landscape of projected images. A sculptural series of projection screens and an original score provide the environment in which Daedalus, Ariande, and an everyman Icarus discover just how the intimate real-time and video image-world in which we find ourselves is only a symptom of the past’s impotence in healing the present.

Performers Mira Kim – Matt Schicker – Ian Van Voorst Choreography/Multi-Media Jamie Jewett Animation/Multi-Media Aaron Henderson Text Thalia Field   Songs Jeff Wallman   Music Tim Quigley Lighting Design Juliet Chia   Sound Design Robert Quillen Camp

After the Fall from lostwax on Vimeo.

Created By Jamie Jewett and Aaron Henderson
with Thalia Field
Music by Timothy Quigley and Jeff Wallman
Performed at Danspace, St Marks Church